Coca-Cola Wants You to Share Your Soda With a Stranger

new coke ad campaign
This Family Loves to Share Coke
It's been a long time since the eponymous Christmas ad for Coca-Cola where they taught the world to sing. So it's only natural that the American soda company decided to launch a new altruistic, yet gimmicky, massive ad campaign. It seems that Coca-Cola is now asking the world to share their sodas with complete strangers. In that vein, it's reportedly putting random names on its bottles as part of the bizarre and as-yet top secret campaign.

Not unlike your wily toddler, Coca-Cola believes that you might need a nudge in order to share your ice cold, refreshing beverage. New bottles of Coke are popping up around Australia that give you very specific instructions, so you don't mess up.

How specific?


Coke tells you who to share your drink with, as in "Share a Coke with Mel" written right there on the bottle. Who's Mel, you might ask? It doesn't matter, Coca-Cola wants you to split that soda in two and give half to Mel. Or Nick, or Ryan, or Josh. Really any guy with a four-letter-or-fewer first name will do. Oh, and there's also, apparently, a Jessica in the mix too.

I gave Coca-Cola HQ a call to find out a) if this campaign will also be in the U.S., b) who exactly I would be asked to share my Coca-Cola with, and c) when. I haven't yet heard back, so for now, I'm going to stick with Coke hoarding. Quite frankly, Mel might be germy, Nick could have just eaten something disgusting, and you can never really trust Ryan not to slip a mickey in your drink.

So Coca-Cola, if you really want me to get into this whole sharing thing, I'm only going to do it with very close relatives. Please put their names on your bottles -- Aaron, Judah, and Esme -- and I will obey your new rule. Thanks.

Would you share your Coke with a stranger?


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