The Worst Thing to Happen to Movie Theaters Since Bed Bugs

movie theater concessionsThere's nothing scarier than all those reports of beg bug infestations in movie theaters and customers being bit while they watched a flick -- until now.

A new law in New York allows moviegoers to bring alcoholic beverages to their seats at movie theaters that have licensed restaurants on-premise. As a result, AMC Theaters (which operates 24 theaters in the state) and other independent theaters are considering adding restaurants that serve alcohol.

Bed bugs have nothing on drunk patrons being loud, annoying, and obnoxious while the people around them try to watch a movie. And that's not the only reason why booze in movie theaters is a horrible idea ...


Since when did boozing before and after the movie become so passe? According to an owner of an independent movie theater in Brooklyn, here's why booze during movies is a great idea:

It really just provides a better overall movie-going experience for our customers.

Maybe for the drunk moviegoers, genius. But for everyone else, it's a recipe for disaster. We already have to sit through those tedious "Turn Your Cellphone Off" PSAs at the start of the show; still there's always that a-hole sitting directly behind you who takes a call and yammers on loudly while everyone shushes him to no avail. Can you imagine what will happen when you add alcohol to the equation?

Americans already have one disgusting movie habit they can't quit: the constant crunching of popcorn (which permeates the air with a gross fake butter smell and eventually makes its way all over the greasy floor). In fact, a recent frightening study showed that some moviegoers will actually eat stale popcorn because they can't sit in a theater and not eat popcorn. Now, we want to add beer to the experience? The movie-going experience is truly going downhill. 

Do you hope your state passes a law allowing alcohol in movie theaters?


Image via naydeeyah/Flickr

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