Doritos Founder Dies and Will Be Buried With His Chips

doritosRaise a chip to Arch West -- the creator of the Dorito died in Texas last week at the age of 97 years young. West invented the glorious nacho cheese-flavored tortilla chips back in 1964 when he was the marketing vice president at Frito Co., which would soon become Frito-Lay. West had the foresight to know that Doritos were just what America was missing and pushed for their creation (despite his superiors' lack of interest) after he found a similar chip being sold at a small San Diego food shack. West was a visionary.

What would lunchtime and road trips be without cheesy fingers and a little MSG?


They would be boring, crunchless, flavor-deprived hours full of sadness and loneliness. Doritos, you see, bring people together. For example. Have you ever heard anyone say "No" to: "Hey! Want some Doritos?" No, no you haven't. Why? Because everyone loves Doritos, that's why.

And if you don't like Doritos, pretty sure you're not only un-American, but un-human. Who can resist ground corn, salt, vegetable oil, flavor enhancers, cheese powder, and whey protein concentrate when packaged together in one awesome little triangular piece of foodie heaven? Zombies and/or terrorists, that's who.

In 1993 alone, the retail sales of Doritos totaled $1.3 billion. There have been peaks and valleys since, but Doritos are more than just a mainstay in the chip aisle. Their Super Bowl ads are always memorable and their flavor expansion is the stuff junk food addicts like me dream about. Need I remind you of their beef taco-flavored chips and pizza-flavored ones? Then there's the classic Cool Ranch, the odd-but-I'm-OK-with-it Mountain Dew-flavored Doritos, the jalapeno popper, the onions and ketchup, and who could forget the spicy sweet chili incarnation. All delicious, all for fun.

West will be buried October 1 in Dallas, Texas, and his family has said that they plan on sprinkling Doritos over the urn before it's entirely buried. I can't think of a better way to be laid to rest, personally, and I hope West would've agreed.

So thank you, Mr. West, for my favorite snack food of all time. Here's to you old man [takes bag of Doritos, crushes it with hands, then pours broken chips into mouth, fifth-grade style].

Do you like Doritos?


Photo via dno1967b/Flickr

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