Burger King Breaks All the Rules With Newest Menu Item


burger king dessertsFast food chains are forever adding new items to their menus. Whether it's Wendy's tinkering obsessively with its burger or Domino's adding fancy new pizza, chain restaurants are constantly switching up their offerings to keep customers interested and coming back for more.

That's why it was the opposite of shocking this week when Burger King announced it was debuting new items on its dessert menu. What was a surprise, however? The actual desserts. Let's take a look:

It's impossible to make this sound more exciting than it actually is, so I'm going to just come out and say it: Burger King has rolled out a new soft-serve ice cream menu that includes sundaes, shakes, and cones. Specifically the new menu includes:

  • Sundaes with topping choices of peach and granola; double brownie, Oreo cookies; or M&M's.
  • Soft-serve cones and cups.
  • Sundaes with chocolate fudge, caramel, or strawberry toppings.
  • Shakes in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.

*Yawn.* Where was I? Oh, right.

Now, it's true Burger King's dessert menu needed some revamping: Previously, unless customers with a sweet tooth had a taste for Hershey Sundae Pie or Dutch Apple Pie, they were completely out of luck. But soft serve ice cream? Let's see ... where have I seen this before. Oh right! At McDonald's and practically every other fast food restaurant that comes to mind.

When it comes to new menu items, fast food chains tend to follow one of two rules: They either come up with something totally exciting and over the top. Recent examples include: The Double Down (KFC); The Pizza Burger (Burger King); the XXL Chalupa (Taco Bell). Or, they add healthy items: oatmeal, fruit smoothies, salads. But to add something so middle of the road -- in terms of creativity and calories -- is breaking all the rules. And not in a good way.

Are you going to try the new soft serve items at Burger King?


Image via Burger King

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cocob... cocobeannns

Wasn't the Double Down from KFC?

ashjo85 ashjo85

The Double Down is KFC, not Wendy's. And Burger King is desperate. McDonald's OWNS them in just about every category.

dirti... dirtiekittie

@ashjo - well, every category except burgers maybe. if it came down to mickey d's burgers vs bk, then bk would win every time.

i will probably try a random sundae if i see it on the menu and have a sweet tooth that day or something, but i'm not going to go out of my way to try it.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Lol, not for me! I'll take a McD burger any day over Burger King. :-) Mmmmmm.

Groov... Groovyflor1

I tried the peach and granola sundae the other day and it was terrific.  I'd definitely have it again. 

clg1213 clg1213

i LOVE the cones at McD's but BK is closer so i did try them (okay, twice...to be sure)...they were okay but not even close to the delight of a McD's cone (the only thing i really ever stop there for other than a bathroom)

cocob... cocobeannns

The only thing good at McDonald's is their french fries, and that's only when they're fresh. I love ice cream, and this is something new, so I may try it out sometime.

dirti... dirtiekittie

anyone else suddenly wanna have some fries dipped in milkshake? mmmm thanks for making me want fast food. hey kids, i'm gonna be a terrible mom tonight and let you have happy meals! Hurrah! lol

Pua Smith

Bleh, the ONLY thing McDonald's does better is fries. But BK burgers, chicken nuggets, salads and desserts? Put'em on me.

Bertha21 Bertha21

I tried the oreo one that is pictured and OMG I LOVED it!!!!!! lol delicious!!!

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