Horror Cakes That Will Scare You Away From Eating Dessert

scott hove cakeWhat's sweet and creamy and bites back? This terrifying cake by artist Scott Hove. The California sculptor has created a whole series of gorgeously frosted cakes that just happen to have fangs and/or dismembered limbs. Forget the innocence of childhood birthday sweets. This is the cake version of the Big Bad Wolf disguised as Little Red Riding Hood's granny. Happy Halloween.

It's twisted, but yet I dare you to stop looking at them. Could it be the double set of fangs? The mash-up of scary and yummy? Is it the cherries, which for some reason look vaguely creepy here?

What would lead someone to create such culinary perversity, you ask? Are there other wild pastry chefs like him out there?




shark cake

Of course there are! Here's another cake with bite: Jaws, with a fish victim in his mouth. I'd like to see this sugary shark and the Big Bad Wolf take each other on. 












bugs on wedding cakeWhat's creepier than a cake with teeth? Maybe a wedding cake with bugs climbing up the tiers! Is this what happens when exterminators mate? As a guest, I wouldn't know whether to flick off the giant insects or just run for my life.








spider cakeOh, but that's only the beginning. How about a concoction covered in icing spiders and cobwebs? It's like a sack of eggs just hatched all over your cake. Can't you just feel eight scrambling little spider legs scratching across your tongue and the cobwebs sticking to the roof of your mouth? Eeech.





baby cake

Is there anything more frightening, you ask? Yes, yes there is. Like a baby cake (for a shower) that's been cut up to leave behind an infant torso. Ew, ew, ew! Make it stop!






killer tomato cakeAttack of the killer tomato ... cake? The idea of a tomatoey dessert is disgusting in the first place (here's hoping this one is actually chocolate on the inside). But those toothpick spikes around the border seem threatening, and there's a dangerous gleam in its frosted little eyeballs. Shudder.




I guess all cakes are dangerous in a way, what with how tempting yet bad for the waistline they are. But these freaky creations take it up a notch. While they might be amusing (and timely, what with Halloween around the corner), these scary desserts really -- pardon the bad pun -- take the cake.

Would you eat a cake decorated with teeth or bugs?


Images via Scott Hove/Modern Edencompletedeelite/YouTube (shark cake), Catherine Donaldson-Evans (bugs on wedding cake), lu_lu/Flickr (spider cake), SchlapekOfficial/Flickr (baby cake), Like The Grand Canyon/Flickr (killer tomato cake)

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