7 Habits of Highly Annoying Fast-Food Patrons

fast food lineThe other day while waiting in line at my favorite fast-food joint of all time, Chipotle, I started to get really irate. All I wanted was my salad, the same salad I eat way too many times to mention each week. Let's just say I know what I'm doing when I'm ordering there, but clearly not everyone does. And frankly, they're pissing me off. That's when it struck me -- in establishments in which you must wait in line to order food and/or drink, there should be a separate line clearly marked: Annoying, Clueless People, Please Order Here.

I don't mean to sound cranky, but really there are just some common rules people should follow when ordering with a huge line of hungry, thirsty people behind them. And they don't.


I think some of them must have no clue how rude/insensitive/stupid they appear when committing some of these faux pas, either that or they're just big jerks who could care less about inconveniencing others. In the interest of assuming the best about people, I'm going to pretend they just don't know. So I'm here to enlighten the masses; let there be no confusion from this time forward. Here I present to you seven rules to help you from being a highly annoying fast-food patron.

1. You do NOT need to sample every ingredient on the food prep line before you make a decision. It's just lunch; take a risk. Go to Costco or one of those Chinese food places in the mall food court if you want to sample.

2. Give a girl some space. You pressing up against my back so you can move an inch up in line is just making me cringe; it has no effect on how quickly you're going to get to eat.

3. One "extra" here or "light on that" there is fine, but don't micromanage the guy making your sandwich. If your order goes something like this, "seven pickles, three olives, and oh no, that's not what I meant by a smidge," you need to go make your own flippin' sandwich.

4. After waiting in a long line while checking your email and chatting on the phone and it's finally your turn, don't start your order with, "Hmmmm ... I'm not sure." You would have had plenty of time to get sure if you had put down your damn phone.

5. Please wait to start eating your food until you find a table or exit the building. If you're so hungry you need to dig into your burger right there at the counter while your fries are being fetched, you probably should have eaten sooner.

6. Don't write a check. EVER.

7. After you pay with an acceptable form of currency, MOVE. Don't stand there adjusting everything in your purse/wallet, putting your straw in your drink, and anything else you feel the need to do while the rest of us wait.

Now if everyone would just follow these simple rules of courtesy, my salad would taste a whole lot better than with the side of indigestion I usually get when ordering. Thanks.

What bugs you about people who order in fast food restaurants?

Image via The Consumerist/Flickr

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