Starbucks Barista Fired for Bashing Our Lattes (VIDEO)

starbucks employee videoSometimes you see something cute on YouTube and think, "Hey, that kid's got a real chance of making it," and other times you hope someone on the world wide web takes that young whippersnapper to task. One Starbucks barista actually did get taken down a notch after telling most of us who enjoy the chain's fine hot (and cold) beverages exactly what he thought of us -- in song.

Warning: If you enjoy frappuccinos, caramel macchiatos, or skinny vanilla lattes, prepare to be made fun of for your choice in caffeine and/or sugar.


Here's why I'm on the irritated side of this diddy, rather than the "Aww, isn't he cute!" team. He insulted my drink, and me. I love me a skinny vanilla latte, and I am not afraid of order it. I go skinny because I figure I'll eat a cupcake later that day. Sound logic, I know. I couldn't help but feel like maybe I knew this guy, and then even more paranoid -- perhaps he's talking about me.

I'm not rich, although I do often pop into Starbucks located in neighborhoods where that assumption could be made. I am white, and while I don't *think* I'm fat, I could stand to lose a few. And a 20-something with a warped sense of women would probably think I was. Which is why when I watched this, I honestly thought this guy had served me a skinny vanilla latte one day. Turns out he's a little bit farther away from my local coffee hangs, but clearly all of us "rich, white, women" in Southern California like the same thing.

Also, whining about serving coffee isn't clever, it's just showing your age. Listen kid, we were all 16 to 25 once. Working in the service industry is hard, we get it. But this is what you do until you have enough education and experience to get a job in your chosen field, which very well may be making coffee for rich people. We all did it, and we complained. Ohhh, we complained. But it's a rite of passage, and you shouldn't blame the people who are giving you their money for keeping you in ramen noodles. Check that. You can blame them, but don't do it in public where you can then get fired, which is what happened when you decided that Latinos and caramel macchiatos make great bedfellows.

Take it from me, a 20-year-old know-it-all who made crazy anti-management posters and hung them outside the record store she worked for in the middle of the night. That's right, I complained about working at a record store. You don't want that recorded for posterity, and now it's totally viral and you're the whiny Starbucks employee. Excuse me, former employee.

I have to stop the old rich white lady lecture now because I've got to go pick up my decaf skinny vanilla latte. Grande, of course.

Do you think this song and rant are funny?

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