'Top Chef Just Desserts' Recap: A Sticky Challenge

Cap'n Crunch Ice PopAs things heat up on Top Chef Just Desserts and the pool of chefs narrows, the contestants were tasked this week with cooling down guests at a water park with an array of tasty warm-weather treats. Only instead of light and refreshing, many of the chefs served up sticky and non-satisfying messes that few would care to eat under such circumstances.

Let's start with the positive. Katzie Guy-Hamilton is crushing it lately and served up baked Alaska spumoni on a stick, which the judges loved. It scored her a second consecutive win. Go Katzie. A couple of other treats got some decent nods, but most of the chefs were chastised for their choices and not keeping in mind their audience.


It was a difficult challenge no doubt. I mean besides your basic popsicle, who really wants to eat a fancy schmancy dessert both in the heat and in a swimsuit? Things like froufrou strawberry shortcake with warm (warm!) strawberries do not make good water slide fare.

Some of the judges' least favorites included the bizarre ice pop coated with multiple cereals (pictured above) and perhaps pop rocks (is that really what I heard?) from Carlos Enriquez, and Sally Camacho's boring and safe smoothie -- good thing she had immunity (or not?). The worst they felt, however, came from Amanda Rockman -- a funnel cake. They actually liked the idea of a funnel cake for a water park, it's just hers was cold and hard. So home went Amanda ... and then there were eight.

This was actually my least favorite challenge to date this season, maybe because a water park would be one of my least favorite places at which to eat no matter what they served. Or maybe because after last week's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" celebration, I just falsely got my hopes up for what has otherwise been a pretty boring season. Next week, however, the chefs are cooking for The Beastie Boys, which should hopefully be a bit more interesting.

Which dessert would you be most likely to eat at a water park?

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