5 Fun Punch Recipes With a Modern Twist

punch bowlJust hearing that it's National Punch Day might conjure up bad memories of your grandmother's crystal punch bowl filled with ginger ale and floating orange sherbet or -- worse -- that deadly, sugary Everclear punch at a frat party that sloshes around in a big trash can.

But punch, provided it's made well, can actually be quite delicious -- which is exactly why so many cocktail bars have added it to their menu. Think about it: Sharing a bowl of high-proof spirits, fruit, and other tasty ingredients is the best way to get the party started. And, these communal drinks really pack a ... well, you know.


You can't possibly have a good punch list without mentioning rum, which means there's no better time than ever to include this recipe for Boston Club Punch. Rumor has it this light and fruity rum-based beverage was the traditional drink of New Orleans' turn-of-the-20th-century Boston Club. But the fresh squeezed orange juice, raspberry syrup, cherry liquor, and dry white wine make it tasty for modern times, too.

Mixologists say tea is just as good as rum for blending into a punch. Behold this irresistible recipe for Cederberg Punch -- it's bold herbal rooibos tea with sweet vermouth, fresh lemon juice, and sparkling wine.

Looking for something warm and toasty for the upcoming holiday season? Try Wassail, an intoxicating concoction of Madeira with warm fall spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.

Have a girls' night or brunch? This Hibiscus Punch couldn't be more perfect. It's champagne, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and hibiscus flowers and has a fun lovely pink color.

If you're looking to celebrate fall, there's no better way than with a bowl of Harvest Moon Punch, a seasonal blend of applejack, pear nectar, ginger beer, rosemary, and champagne.


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