Wendy's Is Trying Too Hard With New Burger

wendy's new hamburger
Not to be confused with the Big Bacon Burger, shown
If you're within a five-mile radius of a Wendy's, you'd better get ready for the lines around the block. Or not. I really can't decide why or even if this is a big deal, but you may disagree. You see, Wendy's is unveiling the "Dave's Hot 'N Juicy" after two years of research called the Project Gold Hamburger. In other words, they changed their original recipe, and it took them two whole years to do it. This is kind of the opposite of "fast food," wouldn't you say?

Still, two years of hard work is worth checking out. Although unless I'm heading over to Umami Burger instead of Wendy's, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be disappointed. So what the heck is new about this burger?


After traveling around the world for over two years and eating burgers from the competition, and I'm guessing some gourmet as well (otherwise, what's the point?), the Project Gold Burger team has come up with what they believe to be the perfect Wendy's burger. The "Hot 'N Juicy" will offer the diner a thicker beef patty, extra cheese, a buttered bun, red onions, crinkled pickles, whole-fat mayo, and hold the mustard. After coming up with this wavy-edged (but still square!) burger, the new and improved went through vigorous taste-testing until all these details emerged. Sounds great. Except for the price.

The 1/4 lb "Hot 'N Juicy" will set you back $3.49, and the 3/4 lb as much as $5.79. I just spent like two bucks at In 'N' Out and got the best chain burger of my life. Furthermore, not every franchise is willing to buy the toasters for the new and improved bun. So this burger may have trouble even getting out of the gate.

Honestly, unless you're going organic, or selling things for 99 cents, there's not much you can do to improve a fast food burger. I'm surprised they're even trying.

Have you tried the "Hot 'N Juicy" yet? Will you?


Image via Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr

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