'Millionaire Matchmaker' Has Hot Dog Named After Her

patti stanger millionaire matchmakerMillionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger likes wieners. Quite a lot, apparently. So much so, in fact, that she's endorsing her own hot dog combo at the Los Angeles branch of Papaya King. The $4 combo features two gluten-free chili dogs topped with onions, mustard, sauerkraut, and chili, wrapped in butter lettuce and served with a medium drink.

Someone please tell me why sponsoring a hot dog would be good for a celebrity's image? Hot dogs aren't sexy. And hot dogs served in lettuce wraps are just outright ludicrous. Not surprisingly, Patti isn't the first celeb to get on the wacky food train. Check out these 5 other stars who have dabbled in the "weird food" business:


1. Mark Wahlberg, Wahlburger hamburger: Marky Mark and his brother Donnie are opening a chain of Wahlberger burger joints in their hometown of Hingham, Massachusetts, and I've gotta admit, the name has a ring to it. But though I love me some Marky Mark just like the rest of 'em, honestly this is just as corny as it comes. At least their other brother Paul is a chef -- a.k.a., the food's gonna be legit.

2. Stephen Colbert, AmeriCone Dream ice cream: After The Colbert Report took off, Ben & Jerry's jumped at the chance to give Colbert his own ice cream flavor.

3. Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Big Mo' candy bar: Yeah, I don't really understand this one at all. Seriously, where does the Big Mo' come from? Is it some sort of top secret nickname? And somehow, NASCAR and chocolate just don't really go hand-in-hand. Maybe if he made steaks or something. Or better yet, corn dogs!

4. Steven Seagal, Lightning Bolt energy drink: I guess when you're a 7th degree black belt, it sort of makes sense to make your own energy drink. But the fact that it's 100 percent herbal and all-natural is a bit of a let-down. I feel like it should be as bad-ass as Seagal, and potentially kill you if you drink it the wrong way. Things like that are more fun, right?

5. Snoop Dogg, Snoop Dogg hot dogs and Snoop's Scoops ice cream: Although we haven't actually seen the food  anywhere, rapper Snoop Dogg told fans this summer that he'd be releasing a "Snoop Dogg" hot dog as well as "Snoop's Scoops." But still, I don't care if Snoop's "last name" is Dogg. This is still just as silly of a concept as Patti's!  

What's the craziest celebrity-endorsed food you've ever seen?


Image via Bravo TV, TheCulinaryGeek/ Flickr

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