Camel Milk Ice Cream Is Too Good to Spit Out

camelCamel milk ice cream may be popular in the Middle East and, much more recently, in the United Kingdom. But there's no way eating dessert made from the milk of a humped animal that's notorious for spitting, kicking, biting, and being all-around ill-tempered will catch on here in America. Or is there? Here are a few reasons why ice cream made from camel milk might just be too good to pass up:


We've actually extolled the virtues of camel's milk here before: Marketed as a "superfood," it's five times higher in vitamin C than cow's milk, it's low in fat and cholesterol, and it's more easily digestible than cow's milk. Likewise, camel milk ice cream has similar health benefits -- and it has 10 times more iron than cow's milk ice cream to boot! A healthier, lactose-friendly alternative to regular ice cream? Now, that's a trend that could definitely catch on.

Then there's the price: Right now, camel milk ice cream is going for around $6.30 PER SCOOP. Something so high-end has got to be good! This is a product I could see selling out of Whole Foods in no time at all.

Plus, there's the whole daredevil draw of eating something as unique as camel milk ice cream. Foodies are also looking for the next new crazy trend: crocodile, buffalo, ostrich ... why would camel be any different?

But how does it taste? Here's one account from someone who tasted it in Nairobi:

Camel's milk ice cream is heavy and smooth on the tongue, and tastes a wee bit musky. The milk itself is so thick and sweet that it is simultaneously milk and cream. The ice cream has a quiet bite to it, as if there is some Creole cream cheese or light sour cream mixed in.

Ignoring the whole musky comment, I think thick, sweet, and creamy sound downright delightful.

Do you think camel's milk ice cream will catch on?


Image via xikita/Flickr

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