Soda Fountain Caused Freaky Death at Fast Food Joint

soda fountainI really love McDonald's. I really do. I agree to every and all road trips, as horrendous and long as they may be, just so I can get McDonald's. It's just not the same when I go to one here in the city, you know? But on the road, man, get me a two-cheeseburger meal, a six-piece chicken nugget, large fries, and a Coca-Cola and good god I'm the happiest woman on earth. I've got a road trip this weekend. I'm excited.

So understandably, any negative press about my favorite fast-food joint is always a little discouraging. Keeping aside all that stuff about it making us fat (we're the ones ordering it, people!) and the coffee burning a woman to the bone (yeah, no excuses there), there's now a news story circulating about a how a soda fountain at a Georgia McDonald's killed an 80-year-old woman last week.


A leaky gas line between the walls omitted dangerous levels of carbon dioxide, which sickened nine people and killed an elderly woman. The gas is used to pump carbonation into the sodas, but a back-up in the pipe caused the carbon dioxide to seep through into the restaurant. At very high levels, CO2 can replace oxygen and suffocate people.

That's what happened to 80-year-old Anne Felton. She was found unconscious in the restroom and rushed to the hospital, but she died the next day of asphyxiation. The other nine people have recovered.

At this point, no criminal charges have been filed, but who knows if it will stay that way. It sounds like a horrible way to die -- suffocating in a McDonald's restroom -- so perhaps the family will take legal action.

I'm going to gobble down my road trip McD's feast with fervor this weekend, but I'll pour one out for the unlucky ones who had an absolutely horrifying trip to McDonald's. Freak accidents are never easy to understand.

What do you think?


Photo via j_lai/Flickr

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