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5 Tasty Lunches for Kids Who Hate Sandwiches

sandwichThe words "picky eaters" and "kids" are almost synonymous, don't you think? One day, your kiddo loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as much as they adore Selena Gomez, and the next, they wouldn't touch any sandwich with a 10-foot pole. Understandably, a predicament like this may make it pretty tough now that school's back in session. Why would your little one actually WANT to eat the easiest, quickest thing you could make them in the morning? That would make things just a little too simple right?

Not to worry, mis amigas. There are plenty of alternatives out there. Take a look at these 5 great lunch suggestions for kids who hate sandwiches:

1. Yogurt with all the fix-ins: I know, most people hear yogurt and they think breakfast or snack time. But bigger-size portions can totally be a satisfying and hearty meal. Try choosing Greek yogurt, which provides protein, topped with grated apple, walnuts, strawberries, and honey. Snag the honey packets from your local coffee shop and avoid the mess!

2. Pitas: I know what you're thinking, but pitas are NOT sandwiches. Totally different. Okay, fine, so they are sort of similar. But using a pita pocket and simply changing the shape of the sandwich may fool your child into enjoying it.

3. Raw veggies and pita chips with hummus: Slice up vegetables of different colors. This way, your little one will enjoy looking at the lunch while eating it. Most of the calories here come from the hummus, and the crunchy chips make it fun!

4. Pasta salad: Make summer last months longer by giving your child pasta salad in that lunch box. Sneak some protein in there by cubing up turkey and provolone cheese, and finish off with a variety of your favorite veggies.

5. Burrito: Use this great trick to keep a burrito toasty straight until lunch: Fill a thermos with boiling water and let it sit in there for about 10 minutes or so. Then dump out the water and replace it with the aluminum foil-wrapped burrito. You (and your child) will be pleasantly surprised when lunch is still warm hours later!

What are your kids' favorite lunches?


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Katherine Ngiam

All of these suggestions are great, except for the yogurt one. There's no need to steal honey packets, you can buy them at the supermarket.

ChicH... ChicHippie

The thermos burrito (ha!) is actually a great idea! Mmmmm egg and cheese burrito ....

ceciliam ceciliam

My son loves quesadillas for lunch.

ceciliam ceciliam

He eats yogurt everyday but I can't see it as a lunch.

nonmember avatar me

whats wrong with the honey idea?

L1558 L1558

I can't buy honey packets at my local supermarket; I've looked...don't think it's wrong to snag one or two when I'm at a coffeeshop buying a $3 cup of coffee ;o)

Anyway-- LOVE the burrito idea-- yay! I know a kid who might be getting a burrito for lunch soon. And her mom!

elibee elibee

Fixings not fix-ins.

Madel... Madelaine

Good ideas!

nonmember avatar Mattie Barranco

Telling people to "snag" honey packets from their local coffee shop is wrong!! What is happening to this society when stealing is suggested to enhance your childs lunch. What type of message does it send to your child. Shame on you! MWB

ilove... ilovemyboys84

my son loves spagghetios (sp) in a thermos for lunch...i heat them up and get an insulated thermos and they are still warm for lunch

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