Restaurant Takes Mom's 'Clean Your Plate' Rule to New Heights

too much foodHere in America, we often find ourselves belly-up to a pile of food that's twice the size of our heads. I myself have had stacks of BBQ meats spread out before me as if I were worthy of some kind of delicious animal sacrifice. While I usually can't clean my plate when I'm over-served, that doesn't mean I don't have my mom's "clean your plate" message ringing in my head as I face down that pile of grub.

Apparently one restaurant owner in Saudi Arabia also had a mother and is so irritated with his customers wasting food, he's making people pay when they order too much and eat too little.

I like the way this guy thinks. But I'm a bit confused at how his customers think.


Fahad al Anezi is tired of customers "boosting their prestige" by ordering large quantities of food and not eating it. Apparently this is a "thing" with his customers and a way of showing off. His fine is punishment for ordering irresponsibly. Can you imagine how that would go over at your local Applebee's? Rather than the attitude we have of "It's my money and I'll spend it on whatever I want," al Anezi is making these wastrels pay extra for leaving food behind. In other words, act like a big shot and be prepared to show him the money. 

I like this lesson in personal and global responsibility. Although I can't help but wonder if this won't backfire on al Anezi. After all, if these over-orderers are going to be billed for not finishing their food, won't they think this move shows that they can afford to waste even more than the guy next to him with the small portion and the clean plate? I hope not, and I hope he makes a difference ... and some extra cash.

Do you think people should be fined for wasting food?


Image via janineomg/Flickr

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