Rachael Ray's Enemies Should Stop Bashing Her for This

rachaelrayThere's no doubt that Rachael Ray is massively popular and absolutely adored by her fans. But there are angry mobs of foodies who live to hate her. They think her recipes are mediocre. They accuse her of having plebeian taste. They say there's too much giggling on her cooking shows. And most of all, they blast her for using all that cutesy language.

"EVOO," "Zhjoosh," "Delish," "GH" (for Grownup Helper), "How good is that?", and Lord have mercy, the worst of all, "Yum-O!" She talks like a texting teenager. She's a walking slogan. It's like she's kidnapped cooking and put it in a clown suit. Oh my God, Make Her Stop (MHS)! 

Anthony Bourdain, self-appointed King of the Food Meanies, has gone so far as to call her a "bobblehead" and a "freakazoid."

Even her name is annoying: Rachael Ray. Those two Rs -- it's like a nursery rhyme concocted by a marketing exec. Rachael Ray, Rachael Ray, Rachael Ray! I hear it in my sleep.


Not only am I a New York foodie -- go ahead, throw some tomatoes at the screen -- I'm also a former English major. So from the moment I first heard Rachael's raspy, gym coach voice, I loathed her. And yet over the years and against my will, I have started to like her. What strange magic is this? Is she casting a spell over her enemies?

Maybe it's not magic. Maybe it's Jedi mind tricks. Or maybe it's that I've started noticing all the things she gets right.

  1. When Rachael says "EVOO" and "Zhjoosh" and "Yum-O," she really is kidnapping cooking from intimidating, high-end food snobs. She makes the kitchen a friendlier place for aspiring, novice cooks.
  2. Rachael has a sense of humor and laughs off her criticism.
  3. She cares about children's nutrition. She's traveled to Washington and spoken out in favor of better school food. 
  4. Her Yum-O! foundation teaches kids and families how to cook, fights childhood hunger, and helps fund cooking scholarships.
  5. As for annoying? I get that. I'm annoying too, in different ways. But, you know, it's something we have in common.

So Rachael, now that we're BFFs, can we talk about taking your garbage bowl out to the compost heap? How good would that be?!?

Do you like Rachael Ray or does she really bug you?


Image via Yum-O!

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