Twitter Makes Us Admit Our Fast Food Addictions

#fastfoodaddictionIf you've been wasting spending time on Twitter today, you might have noticed the #FastFoodAddiction that's happening. Everyone seems to be sharing their love of McNuggets and fries, and with no shame. As a business that seems to hold its own in the marketing and advertising departments, I'm not thinking this whole hash tag is sponsored by McDonald's. It feels more like an orgy of cravings in 140 words or less, designed to make all of us hungry.

Which just got me to thinking, even as a person who thinks fast food is the worst, I've also got some dirty secrets when it comes to driving through.

My own #FastFoodAddiction?


In 'n' Out Burger (The Flying Dutchman since I'm g-free)

In 'n' Out Fries

In 'n' Out Black and White Shake

(Note: Damn you California!!!)

Chipotle Hard Shell Tacos of ANY Kind

Sure I can pretend that I'm 100 percent farm-to-table, but in real life, those figures are more like 75 percent. If I can get myself a good taco by just stepping up to the counter and ordering, heck yeah I'm going to do it. I also believe God put the In 'n' Out 0.33 miles from my home for a reason.

Other people have similar feelings about their own fast food joints. Some of the best from today's Twitter #FastFoodAddiction parade include:

MrzBullish lives with regret, but that doesn't stop her from announcing: "You know u have a #FastFoodAddiction wen you spend your last 2 dollars on Taco Bell and you know u dont get paid till next week"

xChristinaRitax keeps it short and sweet with: "#FFA: mcflurry <3"

GrindTymeV aka Seymour Buhtz admits to: "Making it rain on the Dollar menu"

What's your #FastFoodAddiction?


Image via Twitter

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