Starbucks Debuts New Signature Hot Chocolate

Warning: The following post may be dangerous for chocolate addicts and those with a serious sweet tooth.

This morning my friendly neighborhood Starbucks was giving away free samples of its brand new Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. Being the last person on the planet to refuse free food, I happily partook in their brilliant marketing ploy. And was I ever glad that I did. This drink is pure heaven: rich, smooth, and oh-so-chocolately.


Available also in plain and salted caramel, these drinks (according to the Starbucks website) are made from a blend of four cocoas. I can certainly get on board with that much chocolate. Such deliciousness comes at a price, however. A grande size beverage is a whopping 470 calories. Looks like I'll (somehow) have to practice restraint.

Has anyone else sampled this beverage? What did you think?

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