'Top Chef Just Desserts' Recap: Willy Wonka Would Be Proud


Top Chef Just DessertsHere are some where-are-they-now-stars I haven't thought to think about in awhile -- the stars of the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. But there they were on tonight's episode of Top Chef Just Desserts, 40 years later. Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teevee, and Charlie Bucket himself were there to inspire and sample the chefs' interpretations of an edible wonderland.

It was without a doubt my favorite challenge yet, as their creativity was completely unleashed. Everyone loves that movie and dreamed about such a delicious place when they were young, and the chefs actually created it ... and more.

There was a chocolate waterfall and edible cups for drinking its flow. Candy trees, chocolate flowers, and even edible wallpaper were all produced and opened up to throngs of children who got to sample it all. There were, of course, some golden eggs too.

Katzie Guy-Hamilton really impressed with her creative edible beehive that dripped real honey and carrots made of cake that one could pull from the ground and eat. She was named the winner, and Carlos Enriquez also got high praise for his peanut butter and jelly macaroons and the edible wallpaper, which was his creation.

All wasn't sweet, however, as the judges had real problems with some of the creations. Craig Poirier made some huge edible gummy bears that neither tasted good nor held together, and he was sent packing. It's amazing he stayed around as long as he did.

As it was a double elimination, Melissa Camacho also was sent home for her disastrous donuts. She, once again, tried to blame someone else, but this time it didn't work. She was past due to go too.

How they're going to top this, I don't know. It was delicious, and now I'm dying to get a copy of the movie and watch it with my kids ... and attempt to make my own chocolate waterfall.

Did you watch this episode of Top Chef Desserts? What was your favorite creation?

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coffe... coffeeplease316

craig deserved to go home, he was so not in the same league as the others

nonmember avatar C

Katzie won, not Megan. Megan was in the bottom three, Carlos stuck up for her production help.

momka... momkaribg

I didn't but, love shows like this.

KamiB79 KamiB79

Don't watch this show.

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