FDA Says Dr. Oz Is Wrong on Arsenic in Apple Juice

apple juice arsenicDid you hear the one about apple juice being filled with arsenic? If you tuned in to Dr. Oz yesterday or today, the TV (and real) doc let the world in on a little-known secret: Your apple juice has elevated levels of arsenic. Scaring parents everywhere, the Oz then went on to identify some brands on today's show. Let's just say you're going to want to empty your fridge of the Gerber's.

Unless, of course, you believe the FDA, which says Dr. Oz sounded the alarm without accurate information. In fact, they urged Dr. Oz not to air these two shows, and want to reassure us that apple juice is safe to drink. Say what?


The FDA blog explains the difference between organic and inorganic arsenic. The former being not-so-dangerous, and the latter being of the death/cancer causing variety. The organic arsenic, which is found naturally in air, water, and soil, is what the FDA believes may be in your apple juice. However, the Dr. Oz show tested for total arsenic and did not break it down. So for the purposes of the Dr. Oz show, we don't really know which arsenic was present.

Feel better now? Because I don't. However, Dr. Oz recommends that you buy organic since none of the organic apple juice tested positive for arsenic. I mean, don't you feel better buying less processed juice for the kiddos anyway? I know I do. Additionally, he says to read the label -- always a good idea when you're buying food your family will be putting into their bodies -- and watch out for the juices that are processed in China. Especially tricky, when it reads "product of Canada" but somewhere else on the package it says "conct. from China," which means the packaging happened in Canada, but the concentrate you're drinking is from China.

Even if Dr. Oz was alarmist, and not 100 percent accurate, I do appreciate someone, anyone, checking out what's in the food and drinks we consume. Especially something so popular with children, who would be at a much higher risk of ingesting this stuff by the bucketful and over a long period of time.

Let's be safe out there.

Do you believe the FDA or Dr. Oz?

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