5 Reasons Whole Foods Half-Off Deal Is a Must Today!

whole foods living socialSTOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING. This is may-jor! LivingSocial is hosting an awesome deal today, $10 for $20 at Whole Foods! If you're like almost every WF critic out there and hate how "expensive" they are, this is your shot at snagging yourself some organic, fab groceries for half price. But act quickly, because the deal ends tomorrow morning!

I have a confession: I go to Whole Foods almost every Friday morning after the gym and before starting work. Call me ritualistic, but I find it calming. I always look for one out-of-the-box item to treat myself to after a long week. So I pride myself on the fact that I've become a bit of a WF connoisseur (be very, very impressed). Check out my 5 fun suggestions on how to spend your 20 buckaroos at Whole Foods.


1. Pizza to Go: It's the Italian in me that has a soft spot for Whole Foods' freshly-made, thin crust pizza. My absolute favorite? The breakfast pizza. Something about a whole egg with fresh herbs, turkey bacon, and cheeses on top of soft pizza crust just makes my mouth water in the morning.

2. Tofu Shirataki: Tofu shiraWHAT?! I know. The word tofu is pretty much a turn-off for everyone, everywhere. But trust me, this little beauty is only about $1.50 a bag, and when you toss the noodles with sauce, it tastes like a cross between spaghetti squash and angel hair. Throw in some diced onions and sauteed veggies for flavor, and laugh to yourself when your kiddos don't notice the difference.

3. Fresh ground nut butters: You haven't had divine chunky peanut butter until you've actually ground your own. I was always a Jiffy chunky fan myself, until I tried making it solo. Using the nut bar, customers can make whatever nut butter their little hearts desire, from peanut to almond. And you get a bit of a workout in the process!

4. Oikos Greek frozen yogurt: I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this in the freezer section. After taking a moment to daydream about how handsome John Stamos is in the Oikos Greek yogurt commercial, I just had to buy it. It's exclusive to Whole Foods, so this is a great way to take advantage of getting everything half-price!

5. Extensive buffet bar: If anything, this LivingSocial deal can at least snag you and a friend a meal at their ridiculously massive buffet bar. Ranging from perogies and fajitas to all the fixin's for a perfect salad plus fresh granola and yogurt, there's literally something for EVERYONE.

Are you going to get today's deal on LivingSocial at Whole Foods?


Image via Emily Abbate

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