Alec Baldwin Starbucks Rant Shows Celebs' Foodie Power on Twitter

twitter alec baldwinJust as it seemed the Internet would be used for good in the world of rating restaurants, along comes a perfect example of how one tweet can take down a drinking or dining establishment. Well, one tweet from a super celebrity. And in fact, I doubt Starbucks will take a hit in the number of lattes they serve up today as a result of Alec Baldwin's succinct slam. But Jay might be out of job by this evening.

As Baldwin expresses his dissatisfaction with his service at Starbucks, I can't help but wonder if this is really fair. I actually had the same experience in my local Starbucks yesterday, except I don't think his name was Jay. But I didn't catch his name, because I didn't tweet about it, as one crappy employee does not define an entire company. Had my "Jay" done something really horrible, other than just taking his sweet time with my very simple order and making me wait until he finished his conversation with the other "Jay," I might have. But is that okay?


We've all had bad experiences at restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. And now the world wide web is a virtual water cooler for every complaint one can come up with from "the food sucked" to "the barista was a total queen." It may feel good to vent about crappy service, especially in a city like New York where attitude sometimes comes with your entree, but the voice of a vocal few should not taint an otherwise great restaurant.

For those of us who have been on the other side of the bar, we've also had really horrible customers. Unfortunately, as an employee in the service industry, we don't get to fight back by haranguing our customers on Twitter. Because we would be fired. So the balance of power is really, really, not in the favor of the server. In searching the Internet for great information about a place to chow down, one weird Yelp can send a customer running. And one celeb tweet, can make you think twice about going to the 93rd and Broadway Starbucks.

Luckily Alec also gave a shout-out for some good restaurant service at Dinosaur BBQ, so there's that. Still, anyone with a Twitter account can influence potential diners, and that's got to be frustrating to a restaurant owner.

Do you think it's okay for celebs to tweet about a bad restaurant experience?

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