Another Reason to Love the Perfect Kate Middleton

kate middletonI got mad love for the Mids. Kate Middleton, that is, Duchess Catherine, if you're nasty. She's the coolest. I think what I like about her most is her shiny hair. No! Her smile. No! Her style. Aw shucks it's just too hard to choose. And on top of all of that, now there's something else to admire about the Mids ... she bakes. A source told Us Weekly that the Mids was spotted with her mother Carole buying baking supplies at her hometown store near Bucklebury, England. Kate bakes! By god, Kate bakes cakes!


Now I know all of you out there think this is such non-news. And you're right. It's not news. It's fun. It's a non-news piece about a princess who bakes cakes and I love it. Oh, there you go again, She's not a princess!! Right you are again, but she is to me.

So! The observer who saw the Mids and her mom at Kitchen Monger told Us:

She bought a rather nice cast iron kitchen roll holder, but mainly she was buying baking trays in a few different shapes.

Since she was seen buying the big cake accouterments on September 3, and sister Pippa's 28th birthday was September 6 ... maybe the Mids was buying supplies to make Pip a birthday cake? Makes sense.

The Mids, who's known for her fashion sense, her poise, and her likability, must also have some skills in the kitchen. I find baking to be a great way to relieve stress -- maybe she does, too. Baking and cooking can be very grounding. Whenever I'm overwhelmed or need to remember what's important about life, I make a hearty meal and a delicious dessert. And then I feel better.

With how the Mids' life has changed over the past few months, I bet baking a cake in the kitchen of the house she grew up in felt really ... good.

Great, now I can't think about anything other than cake and Kate. Meh, I guess it could be worse.

Do you use baking or cooking as a way to unwind?

Photo via WPA Pool/Getty

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