Even Ben & Jerry's Can't Make 'Schweddy Balls' Taste Good

ben & jerry's schweddy ballsThe rumors are true. Ben & Jerry's has confirmed that a brand new ice cream flavor is making its way to a store near you. The new limited-batch "Schweddy Balls" is, of course, inspired by the 1998 Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin. It's rum-spiked vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered rum and malt balls. Yum ... I think?

The pop culture junkie with a sense of humor in me couldn't be more thrilled that hilarious Pete Schweddy is being commemorated by his very own ice cream flavor. But the person with taste buds in me shudders at the thought. Who cares if it's funny when it sounds so gross? I think it's safe to say that my mouth isn't watering just thinking about Schweddy Balls. And, in fact, I can most definitely resist them ...

Unfortunately, Schweddy Balls isn't the grossest-sounding ice cream by far. Check out these other frightening flavors ...


Sometimes ice cream producers get so caught up in being clever or witty when naming the flavors, they forget that no one in their right mind would actually eat them! For example:

-Cold Sweat Ice Cream: Ice cream made with chili peppers hot enough to bring on the sweats just sounds like a horrible idea.

-Booger Ice Cream: It's green-colored cake batter ice cream swirled with green-hued caramel and Lucky Charms marshmallow bits. Why, god, why?

-Breast Milk Ice Cream: Unfortunately, this one needs no explanation.

-Fish and Chips Ice Cream: This one is so wrong, it's ... really, really wrong.

-Stilton Ice Cream: Cheese should be stinky ... ice cream shouldn't.

-Hair of the Dog Ice Cream: Okay, I just made this one up -- it's ice cream made with alcohol, which sounds like a good idea, but the name has got to go.

Will you eat Schweddy Balls ice cream?


Image via Ben & Jerry's

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