Unemployed Chefs Suing Culinary Schools Are Totally Annoying

culinary chefs sue schoolIf you went to college, trade school, or spent any money to study anywhere, did you expect to have a job waiting for you upon completion? If you didn't get a job in your field, did you blame your school? That's what some former culinary students are doing, and they're getting a partial refund due to a settlement of a class-action lawsuit against Career Education Corporation.

I think I'm going to give the University of Texas a call and discuss my lack of employment in Art History.

But seriously, the for-profit culinary schools under the umbrella of Career Education Corp. are being accused of giving students false promises, while saddling them with high tuition. Culinary students say they're left high and dry once they're finished in a low- or no-paying job. I'm just wondering why these people didn't do what so many chefs do and work their way up instead of spending thousands of dollars. 


One student feels the same, since she wanted to open her own bakery but got a job working for $8 an hour at a local bakery, after completing her coursework. A job she could have gotten without the culinary training. She's part of the suit that Career Education Corp. said they settled because of the distraction and cost of a lawsuit. However, one school did change its website to make it clear there was no guarantee of a job after going through the program. So it is perhaps a bit unclear as to whether promises were made or implied.

Personally, I don't care if my delicious meal was prepared by someone who went to culinary school or worked in kitchens until she rocked it herself. Just like I don't care what music conservatory my favorite singer/songwriter attended. I'm guessing many people hiring kitchen staff don't either.

Lesson learned, would-be chefs. Save your money, and get a job in a kitchen. Work your way up, and take a few random classes while you're on your way. Your passion and love for cooking will take you far, or you'll decide that the long hours and hard physical work is not for you. Either way, you won't be stuck with a fat bill.

We can probably thank the Food Network and celebrity chefs for making chefing look sexy and like an easy way to make a buck. But clearly, just like every other job in America, it's harder to come by these days. And if these disgruntled chefs really want a job, maybe they should give law school a try.

Would you blame your school if you couldn't get a job?


Image via gmnonic/Flickr

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