'Chick Beer' Brings Out My Inner Mean Girl

chick beerI've written about alcoholic beverages targeted specifically to women enough to know that not everyone shares my extreme aversion to them. In fact, there are plenty of women who -- far from being insulted by fruity, pink lady beer and breaking out in hives at the mere thought -- actually would embrace a beer that's light, mellow tasting, and lower-calorie than regular beer.

That's fine. I've come to accept the fact that we all have our beverage preferences and try not to judge if someone wants to drink a beer of this ilk. But I hope we can all agree that the new Chick Beer takes the concept waaaay too far.


My biggest issue with it is: the packaging. I can tolerate that the beer has a pink label and an image of an hour-glass-shaped woman wearing a little black dress -- I get it, the marketers are reminding consumers that Chick Beer is for women. But it's the fact that the six-pack is shaped like a purse that I find ridiculously gimmicky. Throw in a cheesy font and an insufferable tag-line, "Witness the Chickness!" and I feel like the producers are smacking us upside the head with the entire concept.

I also detest the fact that Chick Beer (like many other beverages marketed to women) is advertised as being lightly carbonated, "for less of that bloaty feeling," which really means, "it won't make you burp." This suggests that the absolutely worst thing that could happen to a woman is that she would drink a non-girl beer, not be able to control her burping, and the whole world would come crashing down at such a display of un-ladylikeness. *Eye-roll.*

I've said it once and I'll say it again: Instead of gimmicky pink packaging and promises about being bloat-free, why not create a beer for women that is lower in calories but still tastes just a good as regular beer? Now that would be a beer a girl could get excited about.

Would you drink Chick Beer?


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