Here's How to Write the Cutest Lunch Note Ever

Now that the school year is starting, you and your child are probably having a little separation anxiety -- no matter how desperately you wished summer vacation were over already back in, say, July.

One sweet way to connect with your little one during the school day is to send a lunch note. These little bits of love can be as simple as a smiley face drawn on a napkin with the words "I love you!" or as creative as a "kiss in your pocket" flip book.

Here are some other super cute lunch note ideas:


Writing on bananas. I found this idea through fellow Stir writer The Bloggess (aka Jenny Lawson, who does the Ill-Advised column). Apparently, you can lightly trace a note with a toothpick and it will show up the next day. But maybe something a little less paranoia-inducing (and hilarious) than Jenny's ideas would be more appropriate for your kid.

Gift wrap your child's sandwich. Write the note on the blank side of the paper.

Print out one of the many free, printable lunch notes available online; the ones from TomKat Studio and those from Get Buttoned Up are especially adorable.

Make a cootie catcher with little sayings about their day. Kids still love these!

Make paper fortune cookies; kind over matter has some really nice, free, printable ones (scroll way down for non-seasonal ones). Or you can get really fancy and bake fortune cookies at home with custom fortunes for your child.

Do the "kissing hand" ritual: Trace your hand, cut it out, and either draw a heart in the middle or leave a lipstick kiss print in the palm.

Send an inspirational quote in your own handwriting. This could be more of a keepsake than you'll ever know.

For younger kids who can't read yet, a photo of someone or something they love (of a pet or their favorite stuffed animal or blankie) would serve as a welcome reminder of home.

A small surprise (like a pencil topper or a new box of crayons) can be an exciting addition to lunch.

Don't get too caught up in making the ultimate lunch note, though. I know I treasure the memories of my mom's jotted "Have a great day!" as much as I would have the most creative, crafty idea ever. This is one of those times where the thought really does count!

What's your favorite lunch note idea?

Image via Lizard10979/Flickr

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