5 Reasons to Open a Domino's on the Moon

domino's pizza on the moonSo Domino's Pizza is expanding, and in a huge way. The Japanese arm of the pie biz has said they are planning to build a Domino's Pizzeria on the moon. They plan on shooting all of the equipment, ingredients, and one can only assume surly teenage employees, to the moon at the estimated cost of $21 billion.

If I were Domino's, I'd take that $21 billion and buy some good pizza, but that's just me. Still, the chain is determined to be the first restaurant on the moon, so more power to those crazy Noid-loving folks. Or just maybe, is this where they originally found the Noid, and he's commanding them to come home???? The plot thickens.

Even though this seems like a completely wacky idea, I have to say there would be some positive aspects of Domino's dominating the moon food business. In fact, here are five great reasons for Domino's to go to the moon.


1. Because Richard Branson has got to have something to nosh on up there.

2. Maybe their breadbowl pastas taste better in zero gravity.

3. Perhaps all the frat guys would follow them to that remote location.

4. What better way to introduce our culinary selves to alien life than with dough, red sauce, and pepperoni?

5. Isn't it impossible to pass gas in space? Problem solved.

All kidding aside, God bless, Domino's Pizza. If it weren't for them, millions of drunk college students would go hungry.

What restaurant would you like to see on the moon?


Image via YouTube

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