Arizona Sushi Restaurant Makes a Mockery of 9/11

sushiIn what one can only describe as a desperate publicity stunt, an Arizona sushi chain called Stingray Sushi has introduced a "9-11 Remembrance Roll" on its menu to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

This is far from the first business that's tried to capitalize on the tragedy (I don't have to remind you of the 9/11 Memorial Wine and, of course, the 9/11 coloring book.) And, admittedly, Stingray Sushi is donating half of the proceeds from the roll to the Phoenix Fire Fighters Association. Still, there's something about 9/11 sushi that seems a little, uh, fishy ...


First things first, what exactly does a 9-11 Remembrance Roll entail? According to the press release, it's "spicy crab, asparagus, and avocado topped with tuna, halibut, and spicy scallions in a decorative flower to commemorate the lost family members from the tragic day; small American flags will also be added to the presentation."

It sounds delicious, but the concept of 9-11 sushi is a stretch given that there's no clear connection between sushi and the 9-11 attacks. In fact, you might be hard-pressed to find two more disparate things. I don't know about you, but I'm not particularly comfortable with this explanation from Stingray Sushi owner Greg Donnally:

"Roll" is an item on any sushi menu, but in the case of this remembrance, it also was the heart of a now famous phrase used by Todd Beamer as he rushed the cockpit on Flight 93 to foil another airline strike on an American institution. We hope as many people as possible will do as he said that day: "Let’s roll."

Of course, 9-11 themed food would be horribly tacky served in a place like New York or Washington, DC, where the attacks occurred. The fact that it hails from Arizona makes it all the more odd.


Image via Geoff Peters 604/Flickr

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