This Repulsive County Fair Food Goes Way Too Far


fried maggots county fair
All right food vendors at county and state fairs, we all cry, "Uncle." It's time to stop trying to one-up each other, because someone is going to get hurt. When you all started frying Snickers bars, we all gave you a round of applause. Inventive! Impressive! Delicious! Then came bacon. You know what? We'll try it. Of course it was delicious. You were really just taking the light frying a little deeper. Butter? Ummm, okay that's hitting the line. But that didn't stop some of us from getting behind the deep-fried Kool-Aid.

But the latest out of the Colorado State Fair is just too much. You've jumped the shark, state fair food vendor, and we're not going to take it anymore!

They're serving up maggots in Colorado, and that's not the worst of it.

People are eating it!!!! Really, Colorado, have you no taste buds? It's not like you're on Survivor, and it's your main protein source. You live in a state of plenty, there's no need to resort to eating maggots on a grilled cheese. And not only are they eating it, but they're saying things like maggots "taste like sunflower seeds." You know maggots eat dead things, right? I mean, they specifically exist to eat dead things. And now you're eating it. With cheese.

But the Jungle George stand doesn't stop with maggots (although they should have, they totally should have!). They're also serving up scorpions and crickets. Also, alligator, but that's not so unusual in some parts of our country, so I'll let that pass. I'm just thinking if you're eating at Jungle George, you have no one to blame but yourself when you're hanging over the bowl at the end of a fun day at the fair.

Just wait, next fair season it's going to be deep-fried fingernails. You've been warned, fair-goers! You've been warned.

Would you eat a grilled cheese sandwich with maggots?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

i would not, but there are plenty of countries / cultures that eat bugs and creepy crawlies and gosh knows what else. if you're brave enough to try it and like it, good for you. i'll just have the frozen cheesecake on a stick, please! :)

Jenn Johnson

No way... I couldnt even consider it. *gag*

babyb... babybirch

I find this post pretty ignorant, considering that these things are a staple of diets across the world . Insects, in particular, are very high in protein . When cooked properly, it will not make you sick, but is actually a healthy snack . I've eaten a lot of creepy crawlies during my travels to Asia and South America . They're actually not bad, it's just mind over matter in the end .

I think Jungle George has a very forward-thinking idea, breaking down people's psychological barrier against eating insects and introducing them to a new, healthy, interesting munchy .

nonmember avatar SJS

I've seen a picture of the sandwich, those are not maggots, they are mealworms. Mealworms are the larva of the Darkling Beetle. It is a common food for some small pet reptiles and snacks for birds and sugar gliders. Mealworms eat vegetation, not flesh/decayed tissue. They are safe to eat. My boyfriend had some "dried" and covered in seasoning, he said they were ok.

livn4... livn4hevn

I was just at the Colorado State Fair last weekend to see "The Band Perry"... Jungle George's is right outside the Rodeo ring... the line was like, 2 miles long... no joke! They have Bison, Cricket, Alligator, Maggots. Scorpions, frog... idk lots of stuff! I think I would try some of it.. but not bugs. I don't eat bugs.

Meh... why not try something new? At least if/when they make it onto Survivor, they'll know how to season them juuuuust right! :)

PS what's more disgusting than the food itself was the PRICES... $6 for a Maggot Meat Sandwhich?! THAT will make you puke....


thats freakin disgusting and i dont care if its a staple in many parts of the world, i live in america and eat real food. now i am not no food sissy either, i have ate ostrich, alligator, turtle, buffalo but i draw the line at bugs!!!

Baby3... Baby3inJanuary

I wish I could overcome my culturally embedded notion against such things, since it really is the most sustainable way imaginable for the world's population of humans to get necessary b-12 and high-quality protein. The only reason those of us who find it disgusting, feel that way, is that we weren't born into a culture where it is a yummy snack. It's completely arbitrary that we object to it. But even knowing that, I am not sure I could overcome my taboos about it, and that's too bad. Taboos can be so strong a force, and with so little reason.


gutte... gutter_fly

Yep, those are totally mealworms.

This is an ignorant post, considering bugs are high in protein for their size.  Its just taboo.  I can see why people are grossed out by it, sure.  But don't judge it for being different.

But ignorant statement of the day goes to, "I live in America and eat real food".  Seriously?

nonmember avatar Felicia

Ok! I have read the story and the comments above. I have eaten shark, frog legs, and gator before. Growing up in Mississippi you find them in restaurants. They are pretty good it just depends on your taste but they are good and this delicacy would take me a little longer to eat than some. And like some of you said its not bad for you as long as it is cooked and served correctly. I will not eat it right away but maybe someday maybe. Also like I was always told growing up don't dis it till you try it. When it comes to food you have to try it before you can say if it is good or bad no matter how it looks.

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