5 Ways to Use Hurricane Irene Leftovers

hurricane irene leftoversWhile some of you are still dealing with power outages and drying out, luckily Hurricane Irene did not pack the wallop that many of us feared. If you dodged that bullet and are now sitting on lots of canned and non-perishable foods, you may be wondering what to do with it now. After all, how many cans of corn does one household need, really?

Never fear, there are plenty of things to do with stockpiles of food. In fact, here are five great ideas for putting your emergency rations to work.


1. Make an Everything Casserole

You can invent your own casserole, or look to Southern Food for this vegetable casserole that will not only utilize your corn, green beans, and cream of celery soup, but your stash of Ritz crackers as well. Inventive!

2. Canned Food Iron Chef Party

Of course it's more fun to get creative in the kitchen with loads of friends. So grab a can of Vienna sausages for all of your guests and host an Iron Chef party. (Also an option if you're still out of power for a super duper "no-cook" challenge.)

3. DVR Semi-Homemade With Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee will totally get to all of your cans at some point with her hodge-podge recipes on Semi-Homemade. Hopefully you can also learn how to create a matching centerpiece as well.

4. Donate to Your Local Food Bank

You know there are people who need assistance all year round, regardless of the weather report. Take your extra cans to a food bank and really do some good since you were lucky enough to escape disaster.

5. Hold On, Hurricane Season Isn't Over Yet!

While you may not be in a prime hurricane zone area, don't get too cocky! You're going to wish you had those crackers and cans of cheese the next time a warning comes too close to home. Once hurricane season is over, see items #1 - 4.

Do you have a lot of canned food you don't need?

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