Kellogg's Ruffled by Froot Loops Bird Copycat

froot loops toucan sam sueBack up Toucan Sam! The Kellogg's Froot Loops mascot is all kinds of p.o.'d. So much so that lawyers for the cereal makers are threatening anyone who dare show up in a toucan costume on Halloween. Okay, not that. But it is, in fact, even more ridiculous.

I do believe you're treading on some sacred ground, Toucan Sam, by writing a letter to the Maya Archeology Initiative demanding they stop using a toucan logo and anything, um, Mayan. It's true, the cereal company is very concerned about this non-profit group that defends Mayan culture using a picture of a toucan, which is native to the area. Let's compare, shall we?

Why, you may ask? Or, WTF? Here's what Kellogg's has to say about why an organization dedicated to defending an area and its culture is actually harming Toucan Sam, and therefore the Froot Loop.


"We are concerned about both consumer confusion and a dilution of our strong equity in these marks. Kellogg is also concerned by the Mayan imagery in the mark, given that our character is frequently depicted in that setting."

So basically Kellogg's is asking the Mayans cease and desist using anything Mayan. Wow, the balls on that toucan! Needless to say, this cereal company is biting off more than that big toucan beak can chew. You can't go around writing letters asking people to stop doing something that is actually a natural part of their existence because you made a cartoon of that same thing. If that were the case, that Dilbert guy would have every office in American shut down.

Since Kellogg's is obviously in a litigious mood, here are the other cereal characters I expect to see bullying people next:

Tony the Tiger v. Siegfried and Roy

Snap, Crackle, Pop v. The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker

Corn Flakes Rooster v. Every Farmhouse in America

Honey Smacks Frog v. The Prince, Formerly Known as Frog

Seriously Kellogg's, don't you have better things to do? Like worry about all these parents who are no longer willing to let their children eat candy for breakfast?

Does this sound as backwards to you as it does to me?


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