For Wine This Good, You'll Have to Hold Your Breath

wine made at the bottom of the oceanThere's no shortage of new trends in wine these days. You can drink it from a plastic bottle. You can carry it up a mountain in a handy pouch. But one of the coolest things in the wine industry is happening in Italy where winemaker Piero Lugano is making wine at the bottom of the ocean.

Here's how Lugano came to have a winery under the sea: Frustrated by the fact that his cramped wine shop didn't have enough space to age and make sparkling wine, he decided to expand his business somewhere that had plenty of space -- underwater. If that's not creativity and ingenuity, I don't know what is:


The first steps involved getting permission from the Italian government, and then hiring scientists to ensure that making wine underwater had no negative impact on the environment and ecosystem. From there Lugano was free to lower his 6,500 bottles of wine in stainless-steel cages about 200 feet below the sea. Thirteen months later, the wine was retrieved and ready to uncork.

The most brilliant part about making wine underwater actually isn't that it saves space (although, that's pretty awesome, too). It's the fact that the climate underwater is actually ideal for making sparking wine in the classic method of champagne. Lugano explains why here:

The temperature is perfect, there’s no light, the water prevents even the slightest bit of air from getting in, and the constant counterpressure keeps the bubbles bubbly. Moreover, the underwater currents act like a crib, gently rocking the bottles and keeping the lees [yeast particles] moving through the wine.

Who knew, right? And according to Lugano the taste of his sparkling wine was further proof that making it underwater could definitely be a trend that catches on: sweet ripe peach with a dry mineral finish.

Sounds like some darn good bubbly, don't you think?


Image via jurvetson/Flickr

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