Mark Wahlberg's New Job Has Him Flipping Burgers

wahlburgerThere are two things in this world that I pine for everyday: 1) Mark Wahlberg and 2) a big, juicy cheeseburger. Mmm! I love them both so much. They're each meaty and delicious -- I wouldn't mind waking up next to either in bed.

While it's unlikely (but not impossible) that I'll sleep with Marky Mark, it's now entirely possible that I could sleep with a burger made by Marky Mark. Mark and Donnie are opening up a chain of burger joints called ... wait for it ... Wahlburger.


If the name sounds familiar than you must be from Rochester, New York. A Wahlburger chain of eight restaurants already exists there, but owner Tom Wahl is happy to license out the name to the actors so they can start their very own Wahlburger chain in their home town of Hingham, Massachusetts.

Besides Mark and Donnie, their brother Paul, who's a chef and restaurateur, is also in on the burger fun. With a resume like Paul's combined with Mark's muscles and Donnie's charm, this place can't help but be awesome. It'll seat 80 people inside and will fit 40 outside on the patio.

I'm a total fan girl just jumping on the Wahlburger band wagon, but I cannot help myself. I'm already planning my trip to the Boston suburbs, I can already smell the grilling meat and the sauteed onions, and can already feel Marky Mark's warm embrace when he greets me at the Wahlburger door with a medium-rare cheeseburger and vanilla shake.

Do you want to go to Wahlburger?

Photo via SPakhrin/Flickr, Like The Grand Canyon/Flickr

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