Let's Toast the Grilled Cheese Martini & Other Cheesy Cocktails

martini blue cheeseEveryone's freaking out about the Grilled Cheese Martini being served at Beecher's locations in New York and Seattle. (Actually it's really interesting how they make it. First, they make infused vodka by soaking grilled cheese sandwiches in the liquor for 24 hours; this then goes into a martini shaker with fresh tomatoes, muddled basil, and tomato juice.)

Of course, the general reaction to this cocktail is something along the lines of: "Effing gross," "Totally vile," "I'd rather drink Hudson River water," and "Ew." But I'm not so sure what everyone's so upset about: Cheese and cocktails together aren't exactly a new and novel combination. After all, isn't that the whole point of cocktail hour? To have a bit of cheese with your beverage? Check out these other cheesy cocktails I found ...


I didn't have to look too far for this one: The Dirty Martini. One of the most popular garnishes to this classic briny blend of gin, dry vermouth, and olive juice is, of course, blue cheese-stuffed olives.

If there's no dirty martini to be had, I'm partial to this Old-Fashioned Cheesehead: It's tequila and bitters with a bit of agave to balance the bitterness and then a chunk of good quality Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese.

Then there's this: Bloody Bacon and Cheese Cocktail from Alie & Georgia. This warming drink combines condensed tomato soup, garlic salt, pepper, horseradish, sun-dried tomato-infused vodka, bacon crumbs, and a grilled cheese garnish. It's similar to a Bloody Mary -- just more meaty.

Next up is the Ham and Cheese Cocktail from (trust me) a really great restaurant and cocktail bar called National 27 in Chicago. Ham and cheese go well together in a sandwich, so why not in a cocktail, right? It's a Latin-inspired recipe featuring ham-infused cognac, honey syrup, lime, and manchego cheese.

Finally, there's the Last Plane Out Cocktail (a fitting one for East Coasters today, eh?), which combines two classic ingredients -- figs and goat cheese -- with bourbon, lemon juice, and Green Chartreuse.

Is your stomach growling? Or are you gagging? Either way, I think you catch my drift: Let's toast to the Grilled Cheese Martini and other cheesy drinks!


Image via Kricket/Flickr

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