Cherkees: Where Beef Jerky & Potato Chips Join in Blessed Union

road trip
Pass me the snacks!
Have you ever thought to yourself: "Damn. Road trips just take foreverrrr with all these snack bags I have to pause and open." You have?! We could be long-lost best friends! So I don't have to tell you that snacking on road trips is one of life's greatest pleasures. The sound of the crinkly bags, the savoriness of the beef jerky, the saltiness of the potato chips, the worminess of the gummy worms ... it's simply pure culinary bliss. But opening all the bags takes time and energy away from concentrating all at once on the road, the GPS, the music, that damn fly that's buzzing around the windshield, and your road trip buddy.

But now friends, we have a solution. Now, friends, is the time to rejoice. Now, friends, there is a hybrid of beef jerky and potato chips that comes in one, amazing bag. Introducing Cherkees.


Gone are the days of fumbling for the Lays bag and the jerky bag! With one fresh pull, we can now enjoy two of our favorite road trip snacks out of one bag. The Cherkee is literally a combo of beef jerky and chip morphed into one great product. Nope, they're not beef jerky-flavored chips, they're actually jerky and chip rolled into one. Rarely do I have such good news to spread, but folks, guess what: It gets better.

When you stop at 7-Eleven to get your twofer Cherkees, be sure to pick up a bag of 7 Select's hot dog-flavored potato chips. It's like the Gods summited Mount Olympus and really put their heads together to come up with what's been missing in our lives.

And I am so grateful they came up with Cherkees and hot dog chips because I feel alive again. I feel like there's a new reason to pack up the old hatchback and hit the road with wild, illustrious abandon and eat my face off on some of America's greatest highways. With Cherkees and hot dog-flavored potato chips as my esteemed co-pilots, we shall journey together on this road trip called life.

Do you like the sound of Cherkee and hot dog chips?

Photo via Rob Boudon/Flickr

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