Nigella Lawson Gives Neighbors a Peep Show, How About the Rest of Us?

nigella lawsonThey don't call her the Queen of Food Porn for nothing. Food Network star and best-selling cookbook author Nigella Lawson is as famous for her throaty laugh and abundant curves as she is for her simple-yet-decadent recipes. That deep, dark voice! (The bemused British accent!) Doesn't matter if Lawson is explaining the best way to chop a spring onion or how to make crumble topping for parfaits ... the way she says what she says is hotter than the hottest pillow talk you've ever heard.

So I don't feel too badly for the neighbors near her new multimillion-dollar home in the UK (where she lives with husband Charles Saatchi) who are saying they can see right into its upper-floor bathroom, where the Domestic Goddess is often spotted in the buff. And this is a problem for them because ... ???

Oh wait! I know.


Nigella Lawson's neighbors are probably disappointed that they aren't seeing her naked in the kitchen! I guess that's a valid complaint. I understand. Even better, I have a solution.

Lawson simply must start filming a naked cooking show, ASAP. It only makes sense. Her sensuality as a chef is unparalleled. It's not uncommon for viewers to get the sense Lawson would rather be rolling in a vat of melted chocolate than pouring it sensibly from pan to bowl. I daresay one of her favorite episodes ever was the one where she wore a black satin bathrobe the entire time. (It's definitely mine! She makes Donut French Toast in that robe!)

A naked Nigella cooking show would be good for all of us, men and women. Good for men, because ... well, they'd obviously quite enjoy watching the show, and maybe they'd figure out how to makes us Donut French Toast in the process. Good for women, because there's no better way to cure a case of the I'm so fat I'll never eat anything but salad again! blues than by watching a little Nigella Lawson Food Porn.

Are you a fan of Nigella Lawson?


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