Sandra Lee Outtakes Are Too Profane for the Food Network (VIDEO)

sandra lee

Update: Sadly, the video has been pulled down from Wednesday due to a copyright claim. Eater has the video, though -- watch it while you still can!

Here's something you definitely don't see every day: A funny outtakes video showing a Food Network chef groping herself (in jest, of course) and dropping the f-bomb while trying to film a cooking show. The fact that it's prim and proper Sandra Lee -- she's the star of Semi-Homemade and long-time girlfriend of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to boot -- makes it all the more entertaining ...


As any Food Network fan will tell you, the chefs on that channel are always so polished, buttoned-up, practiced, inoffensive, and by-the-book. It's nice to see one of them actually letting loose a little -- if it's only for a few moments. It makes them a little more real, you know?

And that it's Lee makes it even more awesome. She may match her curtains to her outfits and design hideous pretty tablescapes, but we knew all along she has a wild side.

See for yourself:

Image via YouTube

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