Psycho Chef Can't Poison Everyone He Doesn't Like

burger and friesEvery time we eat out in a restaurant, we put our health in the hands of whoever is flipping burgers in the back of the restaurant. In we go like hungry, blind sheep, trustfully eating what's put in front of us, rarely thinking twice about what kind of psycho may be preparing our food.

Yes, most chefs are upstanding, hardworking souls, and demanding a background check on each of them may be a little extreme, but there are a few crazies among them, no doubt. Case in point: A Red Robin restaurant cook in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who (allegedly) intentionally poisoned four guys dining in the restaurant. His reason for doing so was most bizarre too.


Nathan Norris, Jacob Day, Bishan Jones, and William Garvey, are hosts of The Billy Madison Show -- a show this cook dude apparently doesn't like. According to Courthouse News Service, they say the chef posted comments on a competing radio station's website (a radio station he presumably liked better than the one these poor guys worked for) letting listeners know the DJs were in his restaurant. He then asked for suggestions as to how he should go about tampering with their meals.

While the men were paying -- after they ate whatever grossness he served up -- a listener emailed them, alerting them to the dangerous meal they may have just consumed. Then one by one, they all came down with food poisoning. No one knows what he did to their food, but even thinking about it is enough to make me want to cook my own food for all eternity ... or least keep tabs on where my enemies work.

Who would think an innocent burger and a bottomless basket of fries could be used as a weapon? Of course, only a few would be stupid enough to post about it online, so it's kind of a one-time trick once you do that, which is fortunate for anyone else on this guy's bad list.

The DJs are, not surprisingly, suing. Hopefully the chef will be punished appropriately ... perhaps fittingly by letting the DJs cook up a little concoction of their own for him.

Do you think much about the people cooking your food when you eat out in a restaurant?

Image via terren in Virginia/Flickr

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