Girl Scout Cookies Are Too Tasty to Be Attacked

girl scout cookiesOh, Thin Mints, your beauty is only surpassed by a chewy yet crunchy Somoa. My love for Girl Scout cookies is still strong, even though I can't eat them anymore (thanks, celiac!). And I still get a little bit excited every time those delicious, and remarkably inventive, cookies show their yummy shapes once a year.

But apparently some people don't feel that way, as a Girl Scout Cookie stand was shut down in Hazelwood, Missouri. That's right, the Tagalongs and Trefoils were sent packing when some cranky lady in the neighborhood complained of too much traffic and "dogs barking" when the little girls set up shop.

First of all, too much traffic in Hazelwood, Missouri? Second of all, do dogs also know how delicious Do-si-dos are?


While the authorities in Hazelwood rightly explain the logic behind the shutdown -- after all, it is a zoning issue -- I'd like to appeal to those seeing this issue in black and white.


Seriously, do they not understand that these cookies should be allowed to be sold wherever the reach is longest? I bet if they missed out on the annual cookie gorge fest, like I did a few years ago, they'd re-think this act of law enforcement. Girl Scouts should be able to toss those cookies on your front door if you leave $3.50 in your mailbox. They should be able to solicit you at the doctor's office, at church, heck, while you're enjoying a steam at the local baths.

Girl Scouts of the Los Angeles area, please know you can show up on my doorstep at any time, day or night. I will gladly take some Lemon Chalet Creams off your hands, and I can't even eat them. Get a grip, Hazelwood. You're only shooting yourself in the foot ... that's in your mouth.

How delicious are Girl Scout Cookies, really?


Image via Marit and Toomas Hinnossar/Flickr

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