Starbucks Secret Menu Makes Your Usual Latte Seem Boring


StarbucksThink you're all fancy with your double whipped, half this, half that, stirred, shaken, and whatever else concoction you order at Starbucks? Oh, but you could be much fancier. It's true.

There's actually a secret menu at Starbucks that only an elite few know about. That means there are things on the Starbucks menu that aren't on the menu; you have to be in the know to get them. Those baristas have been holding out on us ... or maybe paying us back for all our high-maintenance orders. But now the secrets are out.

The Daily Meal put together a slideshow of some of the secret items you can supposedly order at any Starbucks. They do caution that all baristas may not be familiar with all of them, so you may want to come armed with the ingredients in case you're met with dumb stares. Included are some pretty tasty sounding items such as:

Dirty Chai (Chai latte with a shot of espresso.)

Triple C's (Cinnamon Dolce Latte with caramel syrup and chocolate mocha syrup.)

Green Eye (THREE shots of espresso added to your coffee. Be careful with this one.)

Cake Batter Frappuccino (Vanilla Frappuccino with vanilla and almond syrup.)

Captain Crunch/Crunch Berry Frappuccino (Hazelnut syrup in a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino. Um, yum!)

I'm dying to go order one of these just to see how the baristas act. Do they give you a special nod, or wink, or something to let you know how cool you are for being in on the secret? If so, that would make my $6 drink totally worth it.

The site also reports that other eating establishments like Subway, Taco Bell, and Chipotle have secret menus too, and now I want to know what's on them. Especially Chipotle -- I thought I knew that place so well, and I'm feeling a bit betrayed.

Of course, once the secret is out and everyone knows, most of the fancy feeling is squashed and the fun ruined. But hey, a Captain Crunch/Crunch Berry Frappuccino sounds good no matter who knows about it?

Did you know Starbucks has a secret menu?

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Chrissah Chrissah

FYI not all baristas will know these terms. I was a supervior for years and am not familiar with a few of those. We always made yummy concoctions, but they have different names at different SBux :)

Lovin... LovingKentucky

None of them are secret-you just have to ask for what you want!

nonmember avatar H

No, we will not wink at you, or let you in on some secret handshake. We will be annoyed that you think you're special asking for a drink with an obnoxious, cutesy name. PS--We don't have almond syrup, at least in the states, or in Canada that I know of. Try again.

mamag... mamagoose2611

I was a barista for about 8 years in a small coffee shop (not a Starbucks). We had all kinds of mocha drinks with extra syrups that were named after candy bars. Like Milky Ways? Try a mocha with caramel in it. Almond Joys your treat of choice? Have the barista add a little almond and coconut syrups to your mocha. The best part of being a barista was creating a drink that tasted any way you wanted it to. Most baristas have a few of their own tricks up their sleeves. You can order anything your mind came come up with at any coffe shop. All you have to do is ask.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

The only secret menu I have ever known of was at In-n-out and I am obsessed with that one.....double double animal style all the way baby!

sweet... sweetcherry_59

H-So are you annoyed at every customer who comes through the door? Most of the drinks at Starbucks are complicated frilly drinks, why do you get so butt hurt if someone orders something original. You sound like you don't like your job as a barista and with an attutude like that I wouldn't drop so much as a penny on your tip. Go find another job if you think your customers are such an annoyance.

akaybb akaybb

Burger King, I believe, had a secret menu a few years ago - I believe country-based sandwiches (i.e., an Italian sandwich, a French sandwich, etc.)

nonmember avatar Loulou14

You can create a nearly endless combination of unique drinks at Starbucks. Baristas will usually add or substitute any flavor you like in almost any type of drink.

The names might confuse them, though. Since there is no official secret Starbucks menu. Each store may or may not have a name for what you are looking for.

Example: Where I used to work a coffee frappacino with a pump of each flavor (save for mint) we called a "Papaya Crunch". That is something unique to our Starbucks and in some cases unique to the barista who named it and the few who know about it.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Please stop referring to Starbucks employees as baristas.  Pushing a button doesn't qualify as actually understanding how to make a latte.

nonmember avatar kl

We are baristas and we are not employees, we are partners. Just ask us for what you want, my team is more than happy to make anything you ask for, the cute names just confuse everyone.

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