Movie Theaters That Serve Full Dinners Are Out of Line

movie theater foodDoesn't an ice cold pint of Sam Adams Lager accompanied by a flavorful buffalo chicken flatbread pizzette sound delish? Or perhaps a blue max burger topped with bib lettuce and blue cheese crumbles or a large plate of creamy chicken Alfredo with fresh bruschetta? Mmmm, my tummy's rumbling just thinking about all my options! No, I'm not talking about the menu at the new brewery down the street. I'm talking about the menu at one of AMC's dine-in theaters

Yup, boutique movie theaters with full menus are popping up all across the country. The concept? To help give moviegoers the ultimate experience, from appetizer to dessert.

Does it sound cool? For sure! I love me a frosty beer at the end of a long day. But I'm gonna be honest with you: While I enjoy fantasizing about drinking a beer with Matthew McConaughey or Channing Tatum, I'm not so sure I'd want to drink one while watching them. I think dining in actually takes away from the whole experience, don't you?


Since the beginning of time when movie theaters first surfaced, it's always been a popcorn, candy, and soft drink dominated atmosphere. When I think of going to a movie, I dream of the buttery, salty popcorn. You know, the type that any Weight Watcher dreams of and pretends that the actual caloric impact of a kiddie size is the same as the kind you slip in the microwave at home. FYI: It's A LOT worse. But not as bad as some of the other options on the dine-in menu.

From angel food cake and a chocolate brownie sundae to prime rib griller made with shaved prime rib on an artisan roll, the calories are everywhere. As it is, a movie is already the ultimate time for mindless eating. Your mind isn't on the food, it's on the screen. So why add insult to injury by scarfing down a gourmet option when you could actually enjoy it afterward? AND -- if for some reason you are focusing on the food instead of the screen, you'll regret it! I don't care how impressive the meal is -- if I were to miss a major plot point or my chance to see one of my favorite celebrity hunks in the buff, I'd be bummed!

Not to mention, with the cost of movie tickets and theater food what it is these days, I'd rather eat my meal somewhere else. Yes, I love the idea of dinner and a movie. But I'll keep them separate for now.

What do you think of dine-in movie theaters?


Image via naydeeyah/Flickr

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