Ellen DeGeneres & Other Celebs Make Veganism Look Too Easy

ellen degeneres

It's a well-known fact that talk show personality Ellen DeGeneres has been vegan since 2008, and now she's got a brand new website to prove it. Going Vegan With Ellen is geared toward the new vegan, and features tons of recipes, tips, and other resources about veganism. From the cute, delicious-looking photos of vegan cupcakes to the slideshow of gorgeous vegan celebrities, the message of the site seems to be that following an anti-cruelty diet and lifestyle is glamorous, carefree, and, most important, easy -- but is anyone really buying it?


Here's the problem that sometimes occurs when celebrities like Ellen -- along with Alicia Silverstone, Portia de Rossi, Carrie Underwood, Lea Michele, and who's the most recent celebrity to jump on the vegan bandwagon? Oh right, Olivia Wilde -- talk about being vegan to the media. It tends to come off like just another Hollywood diet fad when that couldn't be further from the truth.

Moreover, rarely do these celebs address the fact that having money and access to nutritionists, trainers, etc. perhaps makes it easier for them to be vegan than the average person. And nowhere is it mentioned that eating a vegan diet can sometimes be challenging at least until you get the hang of it, and even then living a vegan lifestyle may not be for everyone.

And, finally, it's frustrating when celebs say they're vegan but then other aspects of their life suggest otherwise. Case in point: Ellen herself is a spokesperson for CoverGirl cosmetics, one of the largest U.S. brands to conduct animal testing on its products -- a fact that doesn't sit well with many vegans. Sure, she can't be perfect, but it would help to be a bit more transparent about the fact that sometimes being vegan isn't so black and white.

Don't get me wrong: I love that several celebrities are raising awareness and encouraging fans to follow an anti-cruelty diet and lifestyle -- I just think sometimes they could be a little more realistic.


Image via Going Vegan With Ellen

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