Pack a Picnic With Foods From the Vending Machine

vending machine picnicThe things they think up these days! Yet another entrepreneurial lad has come up with the fantastic idea of putting something delicious, instead of crappy, in a vending machine. In France (but of course), a baker who was tired of having people knock on his door at all hours in search of fresh baked bread invented a vending machine that will serve up a piping hot baguette. Genius, I say! As does the creator, who thinks everyone will be doing this in the future and expects to expand all around France, the U.K., and even the U.S.

So the next time you're planning your picnic, you should stop and get your baguette that costs @$1.42, head over to a couple of other amazing vending machines, and you are done! Really! A vending machine picnic that keeps things classy.

Here's how you do it:


After you get your fresh baguette, go to the wine vending machine at Wal-Mart and pair the loaf with a good year. Want some crudite with your bread and booze? Of course you do. You won't have to look far for a baby carrot vending machine (bring your own dip). Now if someone would only create an artisanal cheese vending machine, we could really do this thing.

I love the idea of almost scavenger hunting for your picnic. Add some adventure to your daytime date. Although I have to say this idea isn't totally new. While in high school I had more than one vending machine lunch. Somehow Diet Dr. Pepper and Twix bars seemed like the perfect midday meal. Ahhh, to be young, thin, and completely unaware of the damage I was causing my body.

Would you create a picnic out of vending machine food?


Image via Morrissey/Flickr

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