For Fans, Rumors of Anne Hathaway in New Food Movie Are Bittersweet

anne hathaway rumored to play ruth reichlOn the one hand, Anne Hathaway would be absolutely perfect in the role of the most famous food critic of all time, Ruth Reichl, in the screen adaptation of the wonderful memoir Garlic and Sapphires: She's lovely and intelligent yet quirky with a giant personality, which is exactly how I imagine Reichl to be after reading all of her books.

But on the other? There's something of a letdown inherent in the fact that the actor who essentially plays herself in seemingly EVERY movie these days would find her way into this one, too. Such an original character as Reichl deserves an original actor to portray her, wouldn't you agree?

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) for fans, this is a debate we don't have to dwell on for long, because when it was announced Monday that Hathaway would star in Garlic, her rep immediately denied the claim.


Speculation as to who would play Reichl began as soon as the project was announced last year. Eater, in particular, offer up a list of potential actors that included the likes of Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Tina Fey, and even Reichl herself! I'd like to add Julienne Moore to this list (with darker hair, obviously).

ruth reichl
Ruth Reichl
No matter which actor lands the role, of course she will be scrutinized. It's always a tragedy for fans when a best-selling book makes its way to the big screen and the actors can't live up to the favorite characters. (When it comes to food movies, the best example of this is Amy Adams in Julie & Julia -- remember how readers were so disappointed by her performance?) I'd suspect a similar thing would happen with Hathaway here, so I'm relieved they may be considering other alternatives for the role.

In the meantime, Hathaway fans won't be left out in the cold: You can catch her in One Day out later this month, and next year as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Who would you like to see play Ruth Reichl on screen?

Images via Anthony Citrano/Flickr; Ruth Reichl

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