Sundae That Tastes Like Justin Bieber’s Perfume Makes Me Gag

someday sundaeJustin Bieber is so sweet you could just gobble him up, right? Ice cream makers Nestle and London department store Harrods agree that the pop star is so deliciously devourable that both have developed Bieber-inspired desserts. Nestle has launched a pink and white Bieber ice cream Popsicle and Harrods is offering a Bieber sundae that tastes like his perfume, Someday. Uh, gross.

Eating a sundae that tastes like perfume sounds just as appetizing as eating a bar of soap, if you ask me. Oh! And did I mention edible glitter?


I guess it all started when someone in the Harrods marketing department got a whiff of Bieber's Someday scent and thought it would taste good as a Someday sundae, and the rest is dessert debacle history.

Someday, which has top notes of pear and wild berries over a base of vanilla and musk, is a decidedly fruity perfume that can only, and does only, appeal to the tweens. Likely looking to capitalize on those tweens' devotion to JB and their spending power, Harrods' sundae is essentially the perfume incarnate.

It's made up of wild berry and vanilla ice cream, pear pieces, lavender sprinkles, and edible glitter. All that's missing is a drizzle of Bieber sweat to really round out the $32 dessert. Mmmhmm, $32.

But don't worry, all the sundae proceeds are going to the Make-a-Wish foundation. Hopefully someone will wish that a perfume never gets turned into a sundae again because, man, it sounds disgusting, doesn't it?

If getting a taste of JB is high on your priorities list, you better book that trip to London ASAP because the sundae won't be around forever -- it's pegged to the perfume launch. Once in London, hop a plane to Israel -- that's the only place where the Nestle pops are sold. When there, do us a solid and line your suitcase with dry ice and said pops and head on back stateside. I'll meet you at the airport with a cooler and 35 tweens ready to pay you $20 a pop.

Do you want to taste either of Bieber's ice cream treats?

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