Look Out Street Meat Lovers! Applebee's Food Truck Is Ready for Battle

applebee'sYou knew it was only a matter of time before this happened: The very first Applebee's Food Truck rolled out in Denver this week, dispensing chipotle-lime chicken sandwiches and steak fajitas and offending food truck lovers everywhere. Why is there so much hate for Applebee's on wheels? From what I can gather, it stems from the fact that some very vocal foodies believe food trucks should be owned by mom-and-pop type establishments that serve up authentic, one-of-a-kind food items -- not by a national restaurant chain. In other words, the entry of Applebee's into the food truck craze signals that perhaps the trend is on its way out.

I have two words for these pretentious street meat-loving folks: Chill out!


For one thing, rather than signalling the end of the food truck excitement, the fact that Applebee's has expanded to wheels could be a sign that the trend is exploding and will be bigger (and better) than ever before. Far from ruining the street credibility of food trucks, Applebee's could be adding to it. Now, everyone wants in.

Not to mention the fact food trucks are much more than a novelty experience. In fact, the whole idea behind mobile dining is to provide food that is convenient and (in some cases) less expensive for customers in the area to eat. If an Applebee's food truck makes lunch or dinner more accessible to patrons, then who are snobby foodies to complain.

And, what does it matter if some people don't think Applebee's offerings are "worthy" of being sold on the street. There's room enough for everyone. And, if food from a national chain offends some customers that much, they're welcome to stick to their more "authentic" offerings. Applebee's isn't competition for the mom and pop trucks; it's just adding to the diversity of the culinary parking lot.

Are you offended by the idea of an Applebee's food truck?


Image via The-Lane-Team/Flickr

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