X-Rated Energy Drink Name Makes Me Want Some

pussy energy drinkI'm not saying the energy drink market is getting a little desperate for attention, but I suppose there are only so many XXXXtreme drinks you can put on the shelves. Clever, then, that one company decided to just put it out there and call their energy drink Pussy. Yes, Pussy. There is an energy drink on the market that goes by Pussy.

I have to try it. Mostly because of how much fun it was to just say to my husband, "Bye honey, I'm going to the store to pick up some Pussy!" Funny, he was speechless. I thought for sure he'd ask me to get a gallon of milk while I was there.

So, what does Pussy taste like?


Well I wouldn't know, for many reasons, but mostly because they don't sell Pussy at my local market. In fact, you can't find Pussy anywhere in the United States. Pussy is only available via retail in the UK, where they don't have laws against that kind of thing. The other big selling point behind Pussy is, apparently, it's all natural. In fact they call the drink Pussy Natural Energy. As opposed to Pussy With a Brazilian. So you know what you have to watch out for when downing this drink, as it's all natural.

But we can assume Pussy tastes like other energy drinks, only with added milk thistle. (Really, did they need to add that?) Which means, it tastes like horse urine, but offers up a hangover cure. I know I'd have to be pretty drunk to order Pussy at the bar. So perhaps the hangover remedy they're selling alongside the dirty makes sense.

Would you try Pussy?

Image via Pussy All Natural

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