'Rocco's Dinner Party' Recap: You Can Never Have Too Much Caviar

Nikki BlonskyFood meets fashion was the theme on this week's episode of Rocco's Dinner Party. Rocco DiSpirito had the competing chefs cook up two versions of each course -- one couture and one ready-to-wear, or ready-to-eat in this case. In other words -- one fancy, one that your mom might make.

It was a fun challenge, and the chefs showed some creativity. For example, for a first course, Sharon, the nice, sweet, motherly chef, served potatoes au gratin for the ready-to-wear dish and new potatoes with caviar for the couture dish. Both were a big hit, especially the caviar.

One guest in particular was especially enthusiastic about the caviar -- fashion designer Nicole Miller. She told the guests her son has been raised on caviar since he was a baby. He just eats Beluga with a spoon, she gushed. I suppose when your mom is Nicole Miller, that’s what you do. She also talked about eating white pizza with a kilo of caviar on top with a friend. Note: If Nicole Miller comes to dinner, serve caviar.


The other chef, Frank, was a cocky and annoying sort, but he served up some impressive fare. For one course he served a traditional caesar salad for his ready-to-wear dish, and a fancier version with a sardine on toast that everyone loved for his couture dish.

Overall, it seemed most of the ready-to-wear dishes were better received than the fancy. Tuna salad, steak frites, and s'mores were big hits; guest Nikki Blonsky wanted to dance on the table when plain old ketchup came out. Funny, because that's usually how it is in fashion too. We love to look at the super fancy stuff, but we want to wear (and eat) what's comfortable.

Sharon struggled with timing, and the guests had to leave after just a few tastes of her amazing-looking desserts -- s'mores and a chocolate ganache. That was probably her downfall and why Rocco toasted Frank instead of her as the winner. After his overly confident proclamations like, "I deserve to win; I’ve earned the privilege of winning," I kind of wanted him to lose. But like with fashion, sometimes it's the most unexpected things that become winners.

Which dish on tonight's episode of Rocco's Dinner Party would you most like to eat? 

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