You May Not Want to Eat Strange Candy Like This

candy burgerLeave it to the Japanese to create candy that's more fun to play with than to eat. Subscription club Candy Japan sends you a wacky novelty candy twice a month, including a gummy hamburger you put together yourself. There's even candy "ketchup" you can squirt on (watch the video after the jump).

I can't decide if it's gross or adorable, but now I'm finding myself looking for more novelty candy from Japan. What else do they make?


gummy sushiWell, for starters, wee gummy sushi you can build yourself. That salmon egg roll is something else, and don't you love the sprinkles?







funny cake houseThe same company (Poppin' Cookin') also sells a "funny cake house" kit you can use to make little candy ice cream cones. I'm not sure where the cake and the house come in.









candy bento




This candy bento looks too darling to eat. I think I would have died of happiness if I'd seen this as a little girl.






candy bento rice





More candy that looks just like food. The "rice" is made of tiny white stars.





candy milk bottle rilakkumaRilakkuma milk-flavored bonbons are sold in this adorbs glass milk bottle. They come in strawberry, too.









And then there's -- why, yes, those are candy ramen noodles in another make-it-yourself deal. Ah-mazing! And probably horrid tasting.

File these in the same category as Playmobil toys: things made for kids that I secretly want to play with too. Forget eating any of this -- I'm sure it all tastes like sugary plastic. But it's pretty freakin' cute.

Would you eat gummy sushi?


Images via CandyJapanese/YouTube, DoNotLick/Flickr, Amazon.comgamene/Flickr, janineomg/Flickr, janineomg/Flickr.

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